A friend to all woman

Italian women choose inblu for its understanding, joy, and color


Always with you

inblu is a very popular shoe brand among Italian women. Over the years it has created a relationship with them based on trust and understanding.
This is what the brand payoff – “always with you” – means:
understanding women, their mood, anticipating their needs and offering the ideal product and best choice for every situation.


Bringing joy all year around

On TV, on the radio, and on Social Media, inblu has won over thousands of fans, stepping into their homes and bringing joy and color in summer and in winter alike. inblu has surprised, engaged, moved. It has made its fans sing, dance, and play, at home and outdoors, on the beach as well as in town.

The added value

Always ahaed of the trend

If summer is the season that best represents the inblu brand values, winter is equally full of colors and joy thanks to inblu, which has revolutionized the world of slippers by turning them from sad and boring accessories into lively, colorful and comfortable must-haves.



TV campaigns


growth of Facebook fanbase


growth of brand awareness


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