A digital campaign for the new EasyJet, Vueling and Transavia winter routes steeped in irony.


The travel nostalgia

The OIbia Costa Smeralda Airport wanted to advertise the destinations of London, Barcelona, and Amsterdam. The campaign objective was to talk about the new winter routes in an engaging and fun way. That’s why we created a campaign full of irony, exasperating travel nostalgia and turning sadness into a smile.


Do you miss it? Fly there!

Two Queen’s Guards in front of Pedres Castle, one of Sardinia’s landmarks. The Sagrada Familia as a perfect sand castle. Some nuraghes transformed into windmills. These are the bizarre images featured in our video campaign for Sardinian travel addicts in a full travel nostalgia mode. Three different sketch-comedy clips were created, one for each route and were launched at different times to make them more memorable.

The added value

Drive to booking: results beyond expections

The campaign has been a great success. In less than a month, it hit awareness objectives and surpassed booking targets.
And it wasn't all thanks to an engaging creative idea. Our planning and targeting strategy also played an essential role. The winning strategy was to create a campaign in video format and concentrate all budgets on digital activities (Facebook, Instagram and Programmatic Advertising) as well as plan the campaign to run on carefully identified times corresponding to peak user search times.



views (+87% vs. planned views)


visits to airlines companies websites


social interactions


conversion rate (EasyJet)

Prizes and Awards

Bronze @NC Awards 2018

Advertising Online Campaign