Cluster Alisei

Corporate storytelling, Creative strategy, Content Production


We bring science to life

Alisei is the National Technological Cluster of Life Sciences created by the Italian Ministry of University and Research (MUR), and a national reference incubator for biotechnology. The Ad Store is the agency chosen to support ALISEI on its brand reputation journey and enhancement of Italy's strategic role in the field of technological innovation and scientific research. At the heart of our communication strategy is one clear statement, “We bring science to…”, to position the Cluster as facilitator and accelerator of the complex process of knowledge and technology transfer from the multidisciplinary research sector to the pharmaceutical and biomedical industry.


Research, innovation and exchange

How to communicate the choral process of research, development and innovation based on collaboration and sharing of know-how that the ALISEI Cluster intends to promote? By putting people at the centre, making them the real protagonists of a story that is both empathetic and pragmatic, in order to spread awareness on the fact that Life Sciences are a fundamental driver for improving everyone's life. Hero contents of the new corporate storytelling are a video manifesto conveying ALISEI’s values and commitment to Life Sciences, as well as a series of video interviews involving its key people.


A holistic approach

Companies, universities, research entities, innovation centres, regional clusters and districts, science parks, and the public and private health system: these are the strategic players we involved through an integrated communication strategy aimed at enhancing research, networking, and internationalisation, as well as promoting the expansion of the Life Sciences supply chain. A path where The Ad Store closely supported ALISEI also during some key moments for the industry, such as Meet in Italy for Life Sciences - the main international event dedicated to matchmaking and the promotion of research and innovation in Life Sciences held in Italy.