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Fashion according to Kiabi


Surprising, fun, empathetic and responsible

Kiabi started in France in 1978 with a new concept of fashion at low prices for the whole family, revolutionizing the ready-to-wear segment. Today, Kiabi is in 10 countries all over the world with 449 stores (22 in Italy), a large social media fan-base, and an online store.


With Kiabi, fashion is happiness to wear

Thanks to Kiabi, shopping becomes a highly rewarding, engaging, aspirational and especially accessible experience, where everybody can be the protagonist. Whether it’s a pop-up store, a re-opening, a social campaign or a retail project, the password is always the same: fun.

The added value

When fashion is entertainment

Parading on a catwalk, being a stylist, smiling at paparazzi like a top-notch celebrity, for many, these remain unattainable. But no longer, thanks to Kiabi. Because while any good brand can make you dream, only an exceptional and unsurpassed brand like Kiabi can make your dreams come true.



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