High quality emotions

A partnership with Ducati Racing: an integrated communication campaign and consumer promo


What do Parmacotto and Ducati Racing have in common?

Ducati brings its bikes on the tracks, Parmacotto brings its passion for high quality to the tables of Italians. The path that unites the two brands is like a circuit track where similar values run. Two brands that have always gone full throttle on excellence, team spirit, tenacity. To communicate the partnership between Parmacotto and Ducati Racing, the agency created a storytelling based on the values shared by the two brands, thus strengthening the connection between the world of sports and Parmacotto.


Win the Misano GP!

Parmacotto on the table, Ducati Racing on the bike tracks: the two brands are linked by a long history of emotions. The same emotions that are at the basis of one of the campaign's main contents: the consumer promo, which gave the participants the chance to win several prizes by Ducati Racing as well as two tickets to the VIP Area of the Misano GP. To ensure the operation maximum visibility both on and offline and create awareness about the Parmacotto-Ducati partnership, the agency developed a multi-platform campaign, including a dedicated mini-site, an in-store experience, some ads, digital PR and social boosting activities. All these levers gave the campaign an excellent performance, both in terms of engagement and redemption.


A special ambassador

Popular Italian DJ Ringo - a fan of motorsports and fine dining - was chosen as the testimonial of the initiative. Ringo amplified the key moments of this partnership and advertised the consumer promotion on his channels in the run up to the key event at the Misano Grand Prix. In the VIP area of the circuit, Ringo was the protagonist of a brand activation involving the winners of the contest, in a day of excitement and high quality emotions.



impressions (+5% compared to KPIs)


interactions (+9 compared to KPIs)