Rebranding, repositioning, city activation, adv campaign, social campaign.


Wait, reflection, silence

In a world where everything runs fast, Boschi Fratelli chooses to talk about the meaning of time, wait, silence: because good things happen to those who can wait. The positioning we identified for Boschi Fratelli - the brand of Parma typical cured meats belonging to the Parmacotto Group - leverages precisely on the concept of waiting, the same idea that is at the basis of the art of curing meats.


Some things are worth the wait.

To strengthen its new positioning and emphasise the connection with the local territory, after an initial brand campaign, Parmacotto focuses again on the deep bond with its city, Parma. The campaign is 100% city-oriented and is based on a storytelling that reminds the local audience of the feelings and constant amazement that the city of Parma can give to those who know how to wait. Because Boschi Fratelli’s cured meats are just like the "opera season at Parma Regio Theatre", the typical "dew of Saint John" and the local "Via della Salute at sunset" - these are things that are worth the wait.


A tradition of quality

The repositioning process also encompassed the new Boschi Fratelli brand identity: more premium, minimal and contemporary, with a new tone of voice to highlight the long history of Boschi Fratelli, a brand that has been guided by quality since 1861, sharing with Parma and Parmacotto Group the same drive for excellence.