Digital campaign for the launch of Sfiziolì Saclà


Taste at 4X

Sfiziolì is the new Saclà product line consisting of 4 different single-portion references that confirms the brand's positioning "It's for everyone. It's Saclà": the perfect ally for everyone who needs tasty but above all simple recipes. For the launch of the new range we developed, produced and planned a campaign that speaks to those who are tired of complex recipes with impossible-to-find ingredients. A multi-subject dedicated to those looking for a quick and tasty solution, a concentrate of goodness, like a WhatsApp audio listened to at 2x. In fact, at 4x. In fact, with Sfiziolì Saclà everyone can make a great dish, in a clac.


Before there were cookbooks, now there is the Internet!

Ninety-five percent of Italians rely on the Internet to seek inspiration in the kitchen, and 67 percent use social media: however, the dishes most sought after by Italians remain the simplest ones. We started, as always, from analysis, from listening to the target audience to create a campaign that, through an insight relevant to the consumer, was able to enhance the strengths of the brand and the new range, such as practicality and high service content. The creativity relies on ironic copy and recipes that seem almost like supercazzole, to create a parody of the world of food creators: because in the end, what matters most, even in the kitchen, is simplicity.


A campaign 100% made in Ad Store

Strategy, concept, production and planning: the entire process of realization and dissemination of the campaign was entirely carried out by the agency. The result is a social media-oriented multi-subject, capable of speaking to both millennials and Gen Z, to intercept heterogeneous audiences with the contemporary, ironic and light language of a brand within everyone's reach, which focuses on quality but without taking itself too seriously!


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