We are here

The integrated campaign that aims to give love, strength and dignity to seniors and their caregivers.


Don’t leave them alone!

From the image of the elderly person as someone on the margins of society who is no longer worth much time and resources, to the information gap that leaves families and caregivers without guidance and support on their care responsibilities, the context that emerged from our listening phase was very clear. And from this background the claim "We are here" came to life. The brand awareness campaign developed for Santex was born with the ambition to transform the multinational medical and incontinence products company into an enabler of change on the topic of old age and care.


A real impact on people’s lives

From the corporate purpose to the concept of the campaign, the claim “We are here” relies on a narrative that ignores the traditional logic of advertising in order to focus on real life, starting with the TV commercial launched on October 2 for Grandparents' Day. A choral, emotional film that positions Santex as a brand capable of understanding the often difficult dynamics between the elderly and their caregivers, responding in a concrete way to their need for support and strength.


We are here, for real.

The TV spot is the hero content of an integrated campaign that was developed around different touchpoints: PR, network building, advocacy, media relations, social media strategy. The Ad Store also created a specific platform - noicisiamo.santex.it - whose aim is to offer concrete support and give voice to the elderly and their caregivers. That was possible thanks to the careful production of contents that would spark the interest of the target audience. In a few weeks, the platform reached excellent results in terms of views, reach, shares and interaction.