Bracco Group

PR & Media Relations, Events, Digital strategy, Content production for the General Affairs Division of Bracco Group


Advocacy & thought leadership

For years we have been the strategic-creative partner of the Bracco Group, Italian excellence in research and innovation and a leader in the field of diagnostic imaging. A future-driven company with which we share the purpose of improving people's lives. We work in close synergy with the Group's General Affairs Division to tell the story of the ambitious challenges faced by Bracco in the life sciences industry, side by side with major national and international players. Our objectives? To spread a global culture of health, to promote a collective change of mindset on the issues Bracco has embraced at an international level, and to make sure the Group’s values and reputation are consistent across its different properties.


A plan that is always on

We developed a plan to create and share targeted content to Bracco's stakeholders, through the promotion of key initiatives, raising awareness on the strategic role of diagnostic imaging in prevention, its virtuous impact on the national health system, and fostering connections with the Division's target audiences: governments and institutions, universities and research institutes. A varied mix of scientific, corporate and educational narratives ensured an inclusive storytelling focused on the Group's brand reputation, while offering new perspectives and triggering new growth opportunities for Life Sciences. In this vision, LinkedIn and the Group’s website became the two digital hubs of reference where to communicate and explain Bracco’s initiatives in depth as well as develop new networking opportunities.


The strategic role of events and partnerships

In our advocacy strategy - aimed at promoting and establishing the Bracco Group's attitude and ability to create relationships and synergies - we could not fail to support the Group's key moments and collaborations - from MIND Milano Innovation District to STEP. Branding, content production, media relations: each event is the result of a holistic approach aimed at ensuring maximum visibility for the initiatives promoted by the Group's General Affairs Division. This approach enabled us to intercept on and off line KOLs, ministers, journalists, researchers thus involving a series of players who can contribute to the progress and innovation of Life Sciences with Bracco Group, look beyond and imagine new scenarios to improve everyone's lives.