Enantyum, And you can liquidate the pain

A TV, print and OOH campaign for the launch of Enantyum Oral Solution, the first liquid painkiller


Liquidate your pain

The Ad Pharm - our division specialized in healthcare communication - is one more time on TV with Menarini, for the launch campaign for Enantyum Oral Solution in single-dose sachets. Enantyum Oral Solution is he first ready to drink liquid painkiller. The creative strategy revolves around Menarini’s innovation, starting from the claim, which stresses on the liquid form of the product and its quick action.


When you start feeling pain

The innovative liquid character of the product is conveyed by means of a smart and contemporary look & feel that is easily recognizable and memorable, drawing from common images and situations that belong to daily life. In fact, the different kinds of pain appear like smartphone notifications, quickly cleared by the fast action of Enantyum.


The right language for the right target

The tv ad was a success even before reaching the large public. Before being planned and produced, the creative idea was tested among a relevant panel of users (25-55 yo women). The result? The tv ad got top marks in all respects, having been judged clear and effective, and consistent with the product and its innovation.