Brand activation to support the consumer promo “The Adventures of Captain Findus by Playmobil”


A legendary brand activation

On one side the iconic Captain Findus, on the other Playmobil, one of the brands most cherished by children and young adults: these are the two protagonists of a consumer promo created by Findus offering as a prize thousands of Captain Findus by Playmobil action figures. Our goal? To bring the Adventures of Captain Findus to life and tell the story in a memorable way. We did it through a special brand activation to create visibility around the promo and make it viral, while enhancing the partnership with Playmobil and engaging one of Findus’ strategic audiences: the Easy Happy Family.


What’s a giant Captain Findus doing around Milan?

The project involved the activation of several touchpoints with the aim of building a relevant and engaging presence for Findus both online and offline. We brought the adventures of Captain Findus to life with a 6-metre high installation dedicated to the legendary Captain in Gae Aulenti square in Milan. The public also had the opportunity to interact with the brand in a pop-up shop: a fully branded Piaggio Apecar where people could sample Findus products and receive gadgets and gifts.


Fake O.O.H. real Oooh!

To promote the word-of-mouth around the initiative throughout Italy, we also came up with a fake OOH. In the video, planned on social media, a giant Captain Findus is seen surprisingly coming to life and wandering around Piazza Duomo in Milan. The whole initiative was presented to the press with a launch event in Fondazione Catella, inside the Bam Park in Milan, followed by the unveiling of the installation.


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