Land of Fashion

Beyond shopping


Our fashion attitude

We take a different approach when developing our communication campaigns, going beyond the borders of traditional press releases and media relations in order to show the great integrated power of PR. Thanks to long time collaborations with several leading national and international design outlets, such as Value Retail, we have become fashion and retail specialists. Our experience adds value to our clients, such as Land of Fashion — a brand that encompasses five outlet villages in the Blackstone group.


We live in the Land of Fashion

Land of Fashion is a concept that summarizes five shopping destinations and the excellence of the Italian regions where they are located – Franciacorta, Valdichiana, Puglia, Mantua, and Palmanova. It's a position conveying a strong identity and translating into a plan that is able to transform outlets from simple shopping venues into real destinations where visitors can discover the amazing historical, cultural, and enogastronomy heritage of Italy.

The added value

A “glocal”, integrated and multichannel communication strategy

In order to boost brand positioning, awareness, and local footfall, our communication plan developed over three macro-directions, taking into account both corporate and consumer needs. On one side, press office, media relations, and digital PR focussed on building innovative relations with the best industry press. On the other side, the involvement of creators and influencers allowed us to create valuable partnerships.