Far from greenwashing


If it’s a sponge, it’s a MartiniSPA sponge

With over 50 years of history and experience, MartiniSPA is a 100% Italian company whose core business is the production of sponges and accessories for home and personal care. The agency supported the company in building a communication plan that would convey MartiniSPA’s sustainable approach and make it relevant among target audiences (trade, consumers, media).


Mr.Eco - A brand ambassador for MartiniSPA’s values

How to communicate the “green” development of MartiniSPA while at the same time supporting the sell-in and sell-out of a new line of products?
By creating a line of emblematic products called Mr.Eco, a sort of flagship range of MartiniSPA’s approach and its commitment towards a sustainable world.
Mr.Eco is a special range of plastic-free homecare products made with vegetal only ingredients, from the packaging to the products. The line perfectly epitomizes the company’s commitment towards a lower environmental impact.


From branding to advertising

Naming, logo and brand identity creation for the whole range, packaging design, character design, creative strategy and storytelling, digital PR, in-store promotion, sell-in kit and content production. These are all the actions we designed and developed, in order to give life to a complete and integrated branding and communication ecosystem to support the Mr.Eco line and its values and identity on several online and offline touch points. Another strategic choice was the moment we chose for the communication launch of the new line - World Environment Day (5th June). And we used the special, dedicated feature of Corriere della Sera: the right “place” to create awareness around Mr.Eco.