Parma, io ci sto!

A Manifesto to relaunch the city


Giving international recognition of its distinctiveness back to Parma

The Association “Parma, io ci sto!” was born in 2016 thanks to 5 founding members:
Alessandro Chiesi, Guido Barilla, Andrea Pontremoli, Unione Parmense degli Industriali and Fondazione Cariparma.
Good food, culture, tourism & leisure, education, and innovation —these are the four themes of the Manifesto signed by a group of 150 who launched a plan of development and involvement aimed at the entire Parma region.


Make yourself heard

“Parma, io ci sto!” originates from the shared need to support, feed and value Parma as a dynamic territory, aiming at a future of socio-economic well being based on livability and intellectual vitality. People replied instantly and massively to the call and gave their contribution during the 4 public, topic-based workshops where citizens could share their ideas for the city and the local region.

The added value

A public-private exchange

Under the motto “Parma, io ci sto!”, the project’s promotional campaign has quickly spread in the press, social networks and by word of mouth. People want to see Parma shine again with renewed energy and vitality. Thanks to this project, the city is on the way to recovery with strength and pride, while the “Parma, io ci sto! Manifesto” is quickly becoming a model for other cities.




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