Siamo cotti di Parma

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Transforming Parmacotto into a brand ambassador of Parma, reestablishing not only its geographical belonging to the local territory and the Italian Food Valley but also its values. This is the goal we set ourselves when building the new image of Parmacotto and guided the brand in its strategic and creative renovation. The first step was to go back to its origins to regain people's trust, starting from the motherland of Parmacotto - Parma, Italy. How? Through a campaign centered around the corporate social responsibility efforts of the company, to show how Parmacotto corporate mission is based on the same values of high quality and excellence that are typical of the local territory of Parma.



“Siamo Cotti di Parma” (we have a crush for Parma, a pun playing with the term “cooked” in Italian both referred to the feeling and the ham) is the claim with which Parmacotto has regained the trust of its city, starting a dialogue with its “community”. A statement that was already written in the name of the brand and which now takes concrete and tangible form through the brand’s initiatives, actions and partnerships to support and celebrate the excellence of its territory. A memorable creative strategy, tailor-made, around which an integrated action plan revolved including the brand's social channels, traditional media, and a local communication plan.



Six were the macro themes on which the multi-channel campaign was based: music, culture, education, Italian Food Valley, food experience and sport, all representing the excellence of the territory that Parmacotto chose to support and celebrate. The Ad Store also created the official collector of all the initiatives, the website It is a constantly evolving hub, a constantly updated statement, the point of arrival of the various online and offline communication channels that we activated for the campaign, entirely managed by Ad Store's extended team, from design to planning.