An unstoppable passion, with italian rapper star Rocco Hunt

Tv ads, Radio, Digital PR, Events: Ad Store’s integrated campaign for the new 2019-2020 Football Player Collection by Panini.


A “hit” campaign for Panini

Hands up who’s never collected Panini stickers!
Communicating a brand that is so deeply rooted in the minds of Italian consumers in a new, contemporary and engaging way was a big challenge but Ad Store took it with no hesitation. The outcome was a multichannel campaign in cooperation with Sony Music, whose protagonist was rapper celebrity Rocco Hunt - the voice and testimonial of the campaign.
Rocco Hunt did not only play the part of an influencer and a testimonial, he enthusiastically became a true brand ambassador for Panini. Based on a careful communication strategy, Rocco Hunt was chosen by Ad Store for this campaign - promoting the famous Panini football sticker album collection - as he is a perfect fit to speak the language of the Gen Z and engage them in the best way.


Rocco Hunt & panini: a perfect match

Million streams on Spotify, a football lover and a passionate Panini stickers’ collector: Rocco Hunt is the Italian music celebrity we summoned and lined up for the launch of the new 2019-2020 Football Players’ Collection by Panini.
With Rocco Panini scored a winning assist, as he especially rewrote his hit song “Benvenuti in Italy” for celebrating stickers, football and street-life.
The song became a central element of a campaign that sparked the interest and enthusiasm of collectors of all ages for its ability to picture a typical, popular situation everyone can identify with.


Our analytical, strategic and creative approach

All creative solutions offered by Ad Store stems from a three-phases approach.
This was also the case with Panini and this integrated campaign, that was based on music to emphasise the storytelling and favour memorability among consumers.
The choice of giving music was made after collecting data and insights on its impact in communications and other evidence collected by listening to the relevant targets, involved in a series of focus groups. The result?
“A campaign that immediately struck with us for its ability to translate our communication needs into an almost-finished project, with an artist who showed a positive interest and accord with our product”, says Antonio Allegra, Italian Market Director, Panini.