Vivinduo, and every moment becomes special again

A TV, web, press, and OOH campaign for the launch of VivinDuo Febbre e Congestione Nasale


The Vivin range gets duo

Menarini, the largest Italian pharmaceutical group, has chosen The Ad Store to develop a new campaign for the launch of its new product, VivinDuo Febbre e Congestione Nasale. How did we win the account? By playing our cards wisely, starting with experience. We know how pharma industry communication works and that you need to be surprising if you want to stand out. In a word, you need to take a road never traveled. And here we played our second card — creativity. Want to know more?


Scenes from a marriage

Like toast slices that always land butter-side down when they fall, flu seems to follow the same unwritten law — you always catch it when you shouldn’t. Suffering from a high temperature and a cold on your busiest days or during special moments is a classic. And what if you had a stuffy nose and a fever right on the most important day of your life? Don't panic! VivinDuo is here to make you feel better quickly and prevent the flu from ruining your special day.

The added value

This is not the usual flu ad

The strengths of our VivinDuo campaign story start with a story you can easily identify with mixed with the right amount of humor, empathy, and memorability. We can contribute our success to our long experience with pharmaceutical communication and a perfect synergy between our team, the client’s marketing department, the production house, and the director.