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Parmacotto chose to return on TV after more than 10 years, and decided to do so at a precise historical moment: the end of the lockdown. Why? Because through its history of rebirth and renewal Parmacotto wants to invite the entire country to a new start, to new energy. A new Parmacotto speaks in the ad, renewed in its structure, product portfolio, language and values.
And right from the start, our goal was to fully set ourselves in a special historical moment, with a strong and energetic message, far from the stereotypes of communication in the Covid-19 era.


FROM parmacotto TO federica brignone: to restart with the right energy

#WeAreBack is a brand manifesto, which communicates the brand values but also the story of all the people who did not stop after a setback, who kept fighting, with commitment and tenacity, with their heads held high. This TV commercial is a vital and motivating mantra inviting us to regain our freedom, to get back on the game, to find a new authenticity. In a nutshell, to react and face a new normality, as Parmacotto did, but also Federica Brignone, whose sports tale is told inside the commercial as a symbol of rebirth. #WeAreBack carries a deep meaning, both for the brand and for all the Italians who can now start their lives again with a new awareness.


Production in times of LOCKDOWN

The production of this TV commercial had inevitably to happen in a really unconventional way - as we told in this interview with ADV Express. An essential ingredient was the trust and synergy of a great team of professionals - together with the Parmacotto’s team and our Ad Store team, we also involved two production companies (Filmmaster and Operà Music). Overcoming the limitations of the lockdown and transforming them into strengths with great pragmatism and efficiency was the biggest challenge, which saw us engaged on several fronts, in a race against time to on air on the 3rd of May 2020, right before the end of the lockdown in Italy.



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