An integrated campaign for Findus Natural Fish for the World Ocean Day


The taste of sustainability

Can sustainability make the food we eat even better and tastier?
For Findus, the answer is yes. Respect for the environment is a key ingredient for high-quality products: good for people and good for the planet.
We started from this brand insight to develop a concept that would be able to raise awareness on Findus' two main assets: taste, through the claim Inimitable Quality, and Fish for Good which sums up the company's commitment to protecting and preserving the present and future of the oceans.


Taste for Good. Fish for Good.

We told the story of Findus' approach and commitment through an integrated campaign that was translated across two touchpoints, including the activation of two media-relevant partnerships: the consumer promo with Francesco Poroli, whose goal was to generate volume growth and penetration, and the PR activation with One Ocean Foundation, to support Findus brand equity.


Biodiversity according to Francesco Poroli

In order to boost the consumer promo, we involved a famous Italian illustrator and art director to design the prizes. Francesco Poroli - whose illustrations have been published in newspapers of the likes of The New York Times, Wired, Sole24 Ore, La Repubblica, and Corriere - created an exclusive set of kitchen textiles consisting of tablecloth and apron, reinterpreting the topic of biodiversity for Findus.


Saving the Blue Capital with One Ocean Foundation

How to translate Findus' commitment into a concrete and measurable way? Thanks to a partnership with One Ocean Foundation: the nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve knowledge of the oceans by raising awareness on the need to safeguard the blue capital.
On World Ocean Day, together with Findus and One Ocean Foundation we launched an initiative supported by the scientific community and aiming to protect and restore the oceans. How? Through the reforestation of the San Remo seabed with the planting of 2,500 plant cuttings of posidonia oceanica: an aquatic plant that is endemic to the Mediterranean Sea with a key role in oxygen production as well as an extraordinary hotspot of marine biodiversity.