Integrated communication campaign for the promotion and enhancement of Parma Food Valley and its brands


There’s only one Parma Food Valley

The Parma UNESCO City of Gastronomy Foundation is a virtuous model of public-private cooperation that unites the greatest excellences of the Parma Food Valley such as the Consorzi di Tutela del Parmigiano Reggiano DOP and Prosciutto di Parma DOP, Barilla, Mutti, Rodolfi Mansueto, Parmalat, Delicius, Rizzoli Emanuelli and Zarotti. Its objective? To strengthen the culture that is connected to the local food and wine heritage, consolidating the bond with the international network of Unesco Creative Cities. And our objective? To increase the brand awareness of Parma Food Valley as a national and international point of reference for everything related to agribusiness: from training to tourism, up to business opportunities.


The Netflix of food excellence

The Parma Food Valley is a land where food is key to access diverse experiences, for everyone. A bit like Netflix, it offers a heterogeneous and transversal catalogue of contents: in the Parma Food Valley food is enjoyed, handed down generation after generation, studied and celebrated. This is why we chose to tell the story of food as a method and an expressive achievement, enhancing the positioning of Parma as a UNESCO Creative City and of its excellences, through the concept “Where food is more”. Our objective? To project Parma Food Valley towards a more contemporary, contaminated, international storytelling dimension.


Where food is more

Excellence, Creativity, People, Future are the four narrative strands of our multi-channel communication strategy that focuses on the culture, people and know-how of Parma Food Valley as the essence of its storytelling. A container of authentic stories that is translated across social media and the website with an edutainment approach and engaging content, able to intercept varied communities while enhancing the features of this territory: higher education schools and universities, brands and supply chains, creativity and events.


Beyond digital: a multi-channel strategy

Our digital strategy, where the website plays the role of a collector hub of our content production, is strengthened and completed by an integrated PR and media relations plan, capable of amplifying the brand's share of voice and enhancing its key moments: from Cibus - the reference event for the Made in Italy agri-food sector - to the Cena dei Mille, the most eagerly awaited event of Parma Food Valley.




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