A corporate strategy for Parmacotto Group


A commitment called well-being

How can the sustainability journey of Parmacotto Group be told in a way that is relevant to people inside and outside the company? But above all, what does it mean for a group like Parmacotto to be sustainable? As always, we started by asking questions. And we came up with an answer: #FeelinGood - a declaration of intent, a promise, a commitment. That of a brand that has chosen to work to make people feel good, day in day out, creating value for clients, within the company, in communities and for the surrounding environment.


What makes you feel good?

#FeelinGood is a shared tale made up of different stories, voices, and experiences. A real editorial project with a strong PR soul involving people from inside and outside the company, which is divided into three main narrative components: wellbeing at the table, communities, and the environment. Endorsers, KOL's, journalists, such as Desalu, Ceccon, Musetti, Soldavini, Crepet and Ferrigni: we created a team of brand ambassadors to collect different points of view on wellbeing. And, through their testimonies, they added credibility and authority to the vision of Parmacotto Group.


The courage to be good

Behind a highly successful brand is the daily commitment of many women and men, who have made sustainability their mission for a better future. This is why the first people we chose to involve in this story were the Parmacotto People, the protagonists of a dedicated editorial activity called 'The Courage to be Good': a series of stories that, together, created a collective communication platform, conveying a real sense of pride and belonging.


A constantly evolving platform

All the contents of the web platform - videos, articles, interviews, testimonials - were supported by an integrated communication plan involving a mix of channels and touchpoints with the aim of reaching all B2B and B2C Parmacotto Group stakeholders, with the aim of a far reaching involvement.