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Global Challenge 2024: Disability & Caregivers Equality

Every year, Chiesi launches an internal global challenge with the aim of gearing its efforts toward common and shared sustainability goals in all geographic areas where it operates. In 2024, the topic chosen by the Impact Committee was “Disability & Caregivers Equality: Turning barriers into equal opportunities”, to raise awareness on the fact that, in a more inclusive work environment, people with different abilities can feel more empowered and valued, free to express their needs and perform at their best. This is a vision that The Ad Store shares with Chiesi, as we work to “multiply positive impacts”. This is why we are proud that Chiesi chose us for developing this wonderful initiative through an internal communication campaign addressing the whole Chiesi Group workforce.


Turning barriers into opportunities

What do you think of when you hear the words “disability” and “caregiving”? Probably our first thoughts go to obstacles and barriers that may limit performance and productivity. Through a holistic approach, consistent with the purpose of a pharmaceutical company such as Chiesi and focused not only on people with disabilities but also on caregivers, we wanted to change this mindset. That’s why we focused our efforts on promoting a new positive mindset valuing the beauty of each person, with the belief that different talents can contribute to innovation and business results.


Keyword: inclusivity

The live and live-streamed event involved all Chiesi departments, managers, and employees in a 3-act show offering exciting performances and engaging speeches: from the evocative opening by Simona Atzori - painter, dancer and writer - to the talk with brilliant guests such as Ilaria Santambrogio - Coach, Consultant and Chief Happiness Officer - and Serena Porcari - Chairman of Dynamo Camp - who together with some international spokespersons of the Chiesi Group spoke about disability and caregiving. The event ended with an interactive moment for the guests in attendance, who were called to take the stage and symbolically break down a wall in line with the concept of the event: breaking barriers to turn them into opportunities.


An event with an impact

Effective, exciting, and impactful: the event was a great success as it engaged both the people in attendance and the guests participating in live streaming. Its bigger strengths were probably the ability to make everyone feel included, also thanks to the presence of sign language interpreters on stage and contents that would be relevant to the whole Chiesi audience internationally. This achievement was made possible by great teamwork, another expression of what Creativity for Humans is.