Epic Home Concerts

What have Metallica, Daft Punk and Lady Gaga got to do with cross-stitching?


Experience live music at your place

Good news! If you want to see your favorite artist live, there’s one thing you need to do: invite them to your place! This is the revolution of Guestar that has rewritten the rules of live concerts by taking them to unusual locations, such as your living room. Thanks to the innovative Guestar online platform you can create a unique event and host a performance of your favorite singer or band.
You still don’t believe it? Ask Massive Attack, the international group that performed at the first home concert organized through Guestar.


Gig posters as granny made them

With Guestar, “homemade” takes a brand-new meaning and we embroidered on that. Yes, because we pushed Guestar’s homey soul to the extreme by mixing two apparently contrasting languages – concert posters and cross-stitching, which is traditionally related to family life, special events such as christenings, weddings or, as in our case, Epic Home Concerts!

The added value

There were a british illustration wizard, a vietnamese cross-stitching artist and us

The idea of “homemade” also applied to the campaign execution. The development followed a multi-stage approach. Stage 1: Pixel art with the support of Aled Lewis, a British illustrator, who prepared the three art designs that were the basis to the cross-stitch patterns. Stage 2: Hand-stitching by Vietnamese artist Thu Ha Nguyen using more than 40 different colors and nuances. Stage 3: Photo-shooting by our in-house photographer, Massimo Spadotto. The result? Have a look below!


3 Bronze Awards / Press & Design

ADCI Awards 2017

3 Shortlist / Press

White Square International Advertising & Marketing Festival

Silver @NC Awards

Print Campaign