Site Specific of Urban Art and Design


A workmanlike restyling

An iconic brand combining history and tradition. A creative brand with a heritage that is strongly linked to beauty. A family company with a contemporary soul, which after 133 years chooses to renew itself with a design-inspired restyling. This is Bahlsen, a brand and a business that chose Ad Store for support in this important rebranding process. How? Through an innovative and multi-platform PR initiative involving social contents, city activations, press office activities, media relations and digital PR, with the aim of bringing out the deep connection with art that has always distinguished Bahlsen.


Moments of unexpected beauty

Through a contemporary and unconventional approach, we enhanced the iconic Bahlsen Blue - the focus of the packaging restyling - making it the protagonist of our narrative framework. This is how Out of the Blue - Bahlsen by design was born: a site-specific project of urban art and design made in partnership with Brera Academy of Fine Arts. Which took art and beauty in unexpected corners of Milan's urban landscape. We created small islands of relax and contemplation where people could observe the city under a different perspective, framing some details that would not otherwise be visible.


The importance of teamwork: Bahlsen, Brera Academy of Fine Arts and the City of Milan

We asked seven young artists to reinterpret the brand's key values, drawing inspiration from the colours and textures of Bahlsen biscuits, under the guidance of Professor Stefano Pizzi - Chair of Painting at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. The result is a collection of seven unique pieces: further evidence of the brand's desire to invest in the new generations and the close connection between Bahlsen, beauty and design. Enjoy an Out of the Blue Bahlsen by design moment - the 7 installations await you in Milan in different locations: Arco della Pace, Viale Arbe- angolo Valussi, Piazza Leonardo Da Vinci, Piazza San Luigi, Piazza Sraffa, Darsena, Via Castiglioni/angolo Viganò.