All dreams are welcome

An international video campaign promoting tourism to Sardinia


All dreams are welcome

Communicating the tourist offer of Sardinia while changing its positioning as a summer destination; increasing out-of-season demand and inspiring new drivers for exploration and travel; promoting an island rich in beaches as well as in natural and cultural attractions. These were the objectives we were called to develop in a new destination campaign that we centered around an evocative message: “All dreams are welcome”. This international promotional campaign showcases the sightseeing alternatives of Sardinia, a land that is full of nuances, inclusive and welcoming, ready to offer a dream holiday - and not only in summer.



Our Sardinia campaign is a trip in itself - from North to South, from seaside to inland, far from the more traveled roads. It is a unique exploration of the extraordinary variety of landscape, culture and food the island has to offer. The storytelling stresses on the welcoming spirit of Sardinia and is told with the voices of some testimonials who are living their personal dream on the island - different people and cultures with varied interests and styles, who accompany the viewer to the discovery of what makes Sardinia unique.


OUR destination marketing expertise

The campaign was planned Europe-wide to reveal Sardinia’s essence to foreign tourists with an intimate and warm storytelling: a sort of travel diary, with breathtaking images and an original soundtrack reinterpreting the traditional sounds of launeddas (a local typical musical instrument) in a contemporary way.


Special Star Award for the Direction


Shortlist nomination