A digital campaign to support Tigotà e-commerce


Tigotà changes your life

We knew we had chemistry with Tigotà even before starting to work with them. And not only because they’re our favorite drugstore but also ‘cause we’ve got lots in common: from a deep knowledge of the beauty world to a human-oriented approach. With these fundamentals already there, a spark between us was inevitable and it was love at “first claim”: #Ticambialavita (it changes your life).


A box of desires

What’s more identifiable and evocative in e-commerce than the box you get delivered with your order? Said and done! Tigotà’s box becomes the protagonist of our campaign by becoming a real object of desire and containing everything you need. And, what’s more, you get it in the comfort of your home. Cool, right?


A digital plan with surprising results

Tigotà has a great range of products and The Ad Store offers a variety of services. Once we developed the creative campaign, we managed the project’s digital marketing to support the campaign, in two stages: the awareness stage to increase brand visibility in Italy (especially in the center-south regions where Tigotà has no brick-and-mortar stores) and then the drive-to-ecommerce stage. Did we nail it? Based on the final results, it looks like we did.



impressions (+82% compared to expected KPIs)


click to e-commerce (+37% compared to total expected clicks)


average CTR (vs market benchmark 0,07)