The world before you

A new brand identity projects Parma University into the future



Parma University ever played a fundamental role in the growth and education of future generations, creating value, not only for the local community, but also for the whole academic world. What Parma University was missing was a strong consistent and credible identity. This is why we worked on a new branding, evolving a new logo, language and communication tone which would be relevant to different targets — stakeholders, institutions, students, the civil society — by conveying authoritativeness, modernity and inclusiveness.



To create a new brand identity that would bring the brand perception to the next level in terms of modernity, the University’s tradition became the added value for the present and the future. We started from the distinctive features of the university seal to create a simplification through illustration based on the University’s heritage and contemporary style. Specifically, the inscription crowning the graphics was changed, from “Sigillum Almae Universitatis Studii Parmensis” to “Alma Universitas Studiorum Parmensis.” We also introduced a scroll with the University’s foundation date and the name was shortened to “Università di Parma,” a more straightforward phrase containing the two essential facts, identity and location.



In order to respond in a functional and consistent way to all possible communication’s scenarios, we also created a brand manual defining all the new image guidelines. The agency is also in charge of the coordination of Parma University internal and external communication, creating a synergy between brand identity and communication concept that amplifies the brand perception and memorability.

"We needed to relaunch Parma University’s image and give it new strength and recognizability, as we knew that in the last years our communications were too fragmented.
The Ad Store created a new identity where the past, present, and future of the University are consistently related. It was a long and difficult path, but we’re very happy and proud with the final results and all the work made by the agency with great professionalism.”

Brunella Marchione, Communication Manager – Università di Parma