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When Gruppo Italiano Vini — one of the biggest national and international players in Italian wine — asked the Ad Store to develop its online store, we knew it was a big challenge. How could the company stand out in such a crowded market? Easy. By taking the e-commerce portal one step further and offering an experience that would go well beyond a simple purchase.

Idea opens doors of its wine cellars to help you to choose the perfect bottle for any occasion

Which is the right wine for an aperitivo or a meat dish?
This is a question we often ask ourselves when choosing a bottle, and this is also the question we’ve built’s e-store around. Here, customers are never alone thanks to the presence of expert oenologists who help them find the perfect choice. This is what makes so different from any other online shop. This experience at the core of every communication, inspiring the portal’s name, position and storytelling.


The added value

The historical culture of italian wine should be valued, preserved and passed down to new generations’s audience are millennials, from connoisseurs to wine lovers up to absolute beginners. Storytelling provides answers to the questions each distinct target segment may ask, offering several levels of information, stories about wine cellars, regions, and Italian excellence, revealing the hidden world behind every bottle and facilitating the purchase process.



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