An outside-the-box approach to communicate the 50th anniversary of MartiniSPA


50 years of creativity and innovation

Body care and home care sponges with unconventional shapes, colors and functions. The story of MartiniSPA is made of restless curiosity and constant intuitions. And with originality being the most distinctive mark of the brand, its communications couldn’t be no less. That’s why The Ad Store came up with an imaginative creative concept for celebrating the brand’s anniversary - “Sponge Pop Art” – based on a playful, pop and fun storytelling. In a mixed language in-between art and design, the concept conveys all the Italianness, aesthetic quality and resourcefulness of MartiniSPA’s products.


The souls of MartiniSPA as installation art

Sponge Pop Art recounts the constant will to amaze of MartiniSPA while introducing the company’s lateral thinking and highlighting the bond with art of its original sponges and products. Drawing inspiration from the world of art exhibitions, Sponge Pop Art was introduced at two key trade shows – Frankfurt’s Ambiente and Bologna’s Cosmoprof, in Germany and Italy respectively. The exhibition stands were transformed into real art galleries, including giant artworks, an invitation, official posters and some gadgets.


A new communication direction

Originally created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the brand, Sponge Pop Art was the first step of an integrated and multichannel communication project aiming at creating visibility, impact and newsworthiness during all the brand’s marketing moments. As the strategic and creative partner of MartiniSPA, both for the brand’s sell-in and sell-out activities, The Ad Store supports the company with all launch and marketing activities of Martini’s new lines within both large retail chains and retailers.